Land Referencing Services Celebrate 10 Years

Land Referencing Services who started at the Business and Technology Centre’s sister building, the e-innovation Centre, with just two people and now have a team of over 45, are now celebrating ten years of the company.

They have gone from strength to strength in that time and can now say that they are the largest, dedicated land referencing specialists in the UK and are still housed at BTC.

Directors Parma Kataria and Martin Glover said of the milestone: “We started LRS with the aim to always deliver the highest standards and we are happy to still be achieving this, 10 years on.While the years have gone by quickly and we have loved every minute, there are even more exciting times ahead as more expansion and new challenges appear. We are really lucky to have great staff, great customers and be working on the UK’s premier projects including Rail, Nuclear Highways, Power, Ports, Regeneration, Airports and communications. This year we have gone through a particularly high level of expansion and it’s great to see the business flourishing”