Graduate Employment and Training Provided by LRS

Land Referencing Services, one of the Business & Technology Centre’s longest serving tenants, are taking on university graduates and training them via their own in-house training programme, LRS Academy®.

In 2015 it was recognised that there were no qualifications in land referencing, so in order to fill the skills gap within the sector, LRS set up LRS Academy® as a sister firm to address this problem. It was designed, not only to train and develop new members of staff, but also to polish the skillset of their highly-respected existing team.

Through the academy, they have taken on a host of graduates including individuals from the University of Wolverhampton via the graduate scheme. These graduates have acquired valuable new skills at LRS with some also working their way up through the company to become team leaders.

One of the graduates to get to that position is Aidan Wilkes, who said: “The graduate scheme, provided by LRS in conjunction with the University of Wolverhampton, has been extremely beneficial. As a Geography Graduate of 2015, it was hard to find relevant jobs close to home. The scheme offered me a chance to get my foot in the door and gain some valuable experience. The scheme also gave me the platform to become a permanent member of staff at LRS.”

Land Referencing Services are the perfect example of how companies within the Business & Technology Centre can use collaboration opportunities with the University to access talent. Director of LRS, Martin Glover, said:  “The graduate scheme is a perfect way for us to be introduced to a pool of skilled individuals, sometimes at very short notice. We would recommend the programme to any organisation looking to gain access to professional and qualified graduates.”

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